Washi Summit: Share and celebrate fine Japanese paper

It was 30 years ago in 1982  that The Japanese Paper Place first opened its doors at 966 Queen Street West in Toronto. To celebrate these 30 eventful years, we hosted a day-long open house at our warehouse on June 7 2012.

If you're curious to see pictures of the event, you can find galleries on our Facebook page. We have been deeply touched by the comments rolling in, and wanted to share some of the kind words:

We really enjoyed the 30th evening  - a nice event and a great time to chat with friends. Appreciate what you have done for Japanese paper, printmaking, and artists over the years (and continue to). Such ongoing support is not often seen and is appreciated if not always expressed.

There were some very nice pieces in the exhibit.

- Atelier GF, art gallery

It was a great day, and good for us to connect with other artists and the people who love paper. The Skype event was good too. Thanks again for being a vital part of Toronto's cultural landscape.

- Barbara Klunder, artist  

It was fun, there was a good buzz and lots of the good natured enthusiasm that you always generate. I was glad to be asked and glad to be there

- Libby Hague, artist

I thought the day turned out fabulously. I found the other artists who were working so interesting, as I never get to see how something is actually made.

- Susan Low-Beer, artist

Very much enjoyed everything about JPP 30th and was sorry I had to leave before
the end but was to be up at 4AM the next morning to catch the earliest plane. It was wonderful for the artists to have made contact with each other too. The video conferencing worked beautifully and it was nice to see Imai san's beaming face and his family too. And by the way, last but certainly not least, congratulations on a beautiful Under 30 show. There was some very exciting work in there. And beautifully hung too.

- Elizabeth Forrest, artist

We are back safely! Wow, what an intensive and meaningful trip it was for us!!! Again, I would like to say thank you very much for everything, and we were so happy to be at the memorable moment of JPP's 30th anniversary.

- Takao Moriki, supplier

I just want to again congratulate you on the this anniversary - what a contribution you have made to Toronto and beyond.  I know how you have influenced artists, but also so many "ordinary" people have been attached to the JPP.  It has been a part of our family for many years.  Whether for gifts, school projects, diaries, or making beautiful paper creations, the destination was always The Japanese Paper Place. We could easily spend an hour and more until every detail had been explored. Such a place of joy! Such a magical place.   Thank you for that.

I also thought the exhibits and demonstrations at the warehouse were amazing. What a lovely day! You can be so proud.

- Astrida Liepins, guest

It was such a blast to be at the JPP and to feel the level of energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. I am very proud to consider myself a friend!

- Wendy Cain, artist and teacher

Oh, man, WHAT AN OCCASION! You will be exhausted, but you really do throw the best events. So nice to meet Cheryl Moote - immensely talented and approachable. Some other very talented people. What a triumph for washi and for your decades of dedication and passion.  Thank you for many decades of excitement, challenge, and extreme generosity.

- Will Rueter, artist

Great event! Imagine... your kid is 30 and still living at home!

- Kim Thompson, graphic designer

It was a great pleasure to see everyone both this afternoon and this evening, all celebrating the world of washi that is so beloved by us all thanks to your diamond-hard work and tough choices well made. I wish you all the best. It was a pleasure to participate.

- Victoria Cowan, artist

...... However I just wanted to let you know that we will be with you in spirit as you celebrate this wonderful milestone. How I wish we could be there to be part of the celebrations. It has been a remarkable journey and along the way you have enriched and uplifted so many lives, ours included. One hears so much about the captains of industry but heroines like you are not acknowledged nearly enough. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all you've done for our business and for me personally. You have generously shared your knowledge and passion and provided support for our small business as if we were the biggest customer. You have made people throughout the world aware of the beauty of Japanese paper and taught them to love and cherish it and the amazing people who create it. I hope your legacy will live on and bring joy to people all over the world for many more decades to come.

- Frank and Carol, owners of South African reseller Franca Xenia

I’m glad I made the effort at least to stop by for a while for your 30th celebration because I got to say congratulations in person but also because I enjoyed seeing so many positive vibes.

I was thinking about washi and what it is (and so on and on) but you know being there for a few moments suddenly made the larger picture much clearer to me. The real cause for celebration was what you created in those thirty years since your lowly beginnings in a manger on Queen Street. It is the community that has built up around it in a way that was certainly helped by washi but was uniquely YOU, Nancy. And The Warehouse of course is only the tip of the iceberg since the effect is so widespread from the point of origin in Japan to the decorated walls and rooms and brains of "washiers".

- Brian Kelley, artist

Dear Nancy and gang of washi lovers,

Happy Birthday indeed. Enjoy this special day.

I wish I was there to dig into cake and your fine company.

Keep spreading the love you have helped make us what we are and share what we love too.

- "denise and all of us at paper-ya", Vancouver reseller

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